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Our car hire  services.

We provide our services mainly centered about car hiring and motorcycle hiring in Rwanda.

we have a number of services which include:

Rwanda 4×4 self drive car hire/car rental

It is one of our flagship products. We believe that when a tourists visits a certain country, there is always an urge to know the ins and outs of such a country. One of the best services that we know that can answer the demand of our tourists to know Rwanda is by offering them an option to take a car self drive around Rwanda and Kigali. Many of our esteemed clients have always reported joy after having travelled in Rwanda on self drive option

Rwanda car hire with a driver or chauffeur.

We know that sometimes tourists prefer to hire a car with a driver. We have that option in place and all our clients can always travel in comfort and concentrate on other activities. Our drivers are professional enough and they know Rwanda very well. Incase you want to ask a few questions related to Rwanda’s culture and  tourism in general, you can  always  ask. They are more knowledgeable enough to answer.

Kigali airport transfer and  pickup.

Our airport pickup services and Kigali airport transfer services are one of the best on the market. Our company is located a few kilometers from the Kigali International airport and we shall be willing to offer our  Kigali airport pickup services at the cheapest price.

Motorcycle rental Rwanda.

Due to increased demand from our clients about  motorcycles, we decided to add this flagship product into the range of products that we offer. We realized that motorbike hire Rwanda was  on the rise and most of our prospective clients would feel neglected whenever they could ask of such a service and we were not offering it. We took time to craft the best motorcycle rental in Rwanda and we are proud that today we have a fleet of motorcycles for our clients.

Safari car rental Rwanda

If you are planning to go to Rwanda for a safari, you can always consult us for our safari car rental hire business. We have a good fleet of 4×4 safari cars to take you  to any national park in Rwanda.