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Staying Alert On The Road While On A Self Drive In Rwanda Staying Alert On The Road While On A Self Drive In Rwanda

Staying Alert on the Road

It is possible to have an extraordinary experience in Rwanda by simply staying alert on the road while driving

At our company, we are very aware most of our  clients will opt to start their car rental journey immediately they arrive in Rwanda, despite the tiresome journey they just had. Driving in Rwanda while tired can be dangerous due to the so many curves on the roads,  and only one second of drifting off your lane due to poor concentration can cause an accident. Kigali car rentals will recommend good rest, as soon as you arrive, to allow you take on your car rental adventure when not tired and sleepy.

Struggling to stay awake and alert while on a self drive adventure in Rwanda can be risky, considering the  distance of your destination, and the slow driving speed limit that can get you bored if you are tired, and considering you are not familiar with the roads. Kigali car rentals has put together some recommendations of staying safe while on a self drive in Rwanda.

Driving in Rwanda


When you book your  rental car ahead of time, we will be in position to provide you with options for a free pickup from the airport, and drive you to your destination, this will allow you some rest before we can hand you the keys to start off you Rwanda self drive adventure. Allow plenty of time for breaks on your itinerary. Try to avoid driving between midnight and early morning. Limit eating any heavy meals as they might make you feel sleepy. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. Ensure you put your mobile phone away so it will not distract you while you are driving.

Staying Alert Rwanda Road- RULES AND SIGNS

When you book with us ahead of time, we will be able to send you a copy of the road maps as well as guiding information for you to easily get to your destination on a self drive in Rwanda. If you are distracted, struggling to find your way around the a thousand hills of Rwanda, you could easily drift out of your lane, it is time to pull over and take a break. Keep in mind that arriving late is better than ending up in a car accident.  We will ensure you familiarise yourself with the Rwanda road rules and signs for those who book ahead of time.


While on a self drive in Rwanda, You may consider keeping your windows open to let in the fresh air into the car. This will keep you more alert and awake. Or you can just simply use the air condition to get rid of the warm air that could contribute to making you feel sleepy.


While on a self drive adventure in Rwanda, it is essential that you get the most of your car rental purpose, If it is to tour Rwanda, find a safe place to pull over and take a break while enjoying the beautiful sceneries and local communities. Walk out of the vehicle and stretch your legs, or get something to eat from the local shops. we recommend you take at least 15 minutes break for every two hours on a long drive to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.


We ensure that all cars in the fleet have functional radios and MP3 players on request with a good selection of Rwanda local Music and more collections from all over the world, to give you a wide selection of music to listen to so you can focus. Whether it be a radio show, great album or even an audiobook – having something to concentrate on will keep you awake. If you are looking for some road trip songs, make sure you make a playlist request during the car rental booking.


Touring Rwanda on a self-drive with a friend or family member is one of the best ways to enjoy your Rwanda adventure. With conversation, you will keep alert and with fewer chances of drifting off.

and if you have another driver in the car, we at Kigali car rentals will allow you to switch drivers at no extra cost, as long as we are informed and get a copy of the driving permit of whoever is going to take part in the driving. however, when you have no other driver in the car, we recommend that when you do start to feel tired, stop driving and only resume when you are fully refreshed.

Staying Alert Rwanda Road while Rwanda

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