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Staying Awake While On A Drive In Rwanda

Staying awake while on a drive in Rwanda

When hiring a car in Rwanda, Staying awake while on a drive in Rwanda may seem to be usual but actually keeping our minds alert is difficult at times. Some individuals think they can keep sober even when they feel the tug of sleepiness on their brains and bodies, but the truth is that sleep is a powerful biological drive that can overtake even the best driver. It’s important to know what to look for and how to handle drowsiness to protect your safety while you on a self drive. Take caution that driving while sleepy can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

Sleep diving has been documented as one of the main causes of a thousand deaths of people involved in car accidents. However, majorly in some African developing countries, the sleep-driving issue has always been given a cold ear and it is never mentioned among the causes of rampant car accidents.  Drowsiness is more likely to happen if you are on a self-drive since, in the end, you may get bored. Kigali Car Rentals in Rwanda care so much about our client’s safety and we always come up with several ideas of staying awake while on a self-drive in order to reach your final destination. Therefore here are some of the driving strategies of staying awake while on a self-drive;

Have enough sleep before driving.

It doesn’t matter whether its a short or long-distance you always need to be alert while you on the road. Therefore, rest for about 7-8 hours or you may decide to take a nap before driving for about 2 hours in order to go in for a marathon of riding. The nap saves the driver the brain or body tiresomeness such that he gets ready and stays alert on a road trip.

Avoid night drives.

At times we get caught up by time s human beings but its necessary to plan well such that you reach your final destination on time. During day time, our brains are highly active than in the night therefore in case you forecast you might still be on the road kindly take a nap. Due to the failure of some drivers to take a nap as a serious issue, they end up landing into night car accidents.  Therefore this is why most car rental companies in Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania do not allow travelers to drive at night. Therefore, we advise you to sleep and travel early such that by 7:00 pm you be off the road.

Staying awake while driving: Endeavor to have a colleague in the car

Self drive doesn’t mean you have to be in the car alone to your final destination. It’s advisable to have a colleague, especially on a long-distance tour because it’s a very hard task to keep awake when you are traveling alone. The colleague will give you company as you go on engaging in chatting. In the end, the journey will seem to be short due to engagement in chats with the colleague.

Switching on the radio or putting on music

Get a back up of a radio or music while you heading to your final destination such that you keep Staying awake while on a self drive. As you drive, you might go on following the show or even get involved in the songs played. At times tourists decide to play their own favorite local songs which keeps the mind engaged.  This keeps you sober throughout the entire driving period.

Staying awake while on a drive in Rwanda: Have caffeine/ cup of coffee

This might not be necessarily a cup of coffee but also any drink that consists of caffeine since it helps you in staying awake while on a self-drive. Some of these drinks include; energy drink or a cola drink will be good for you to keep awake more so the cold ones. However, you advised to just take what’s enough for you but not excess.

Carry simple snacks(bites)

Snacks or bites such as biscuits, crisps, g.nuts, duddies, popcorns helps you in staying awake while on a self-drive. When you stat feeling tired, take a grab of some snacks to get some back up which also activates your brains.

Staying awake while driving: How to tell you’re sleep driving

In actually sense it’s hard to tell you’ ve started dozing off, but here are some listed sighs that may help you tell you tired;

Difficulty in focusing, frequent blinking, or heavy eyelids making the eyes to become hard to open.

Having disconnected thoughts making you have frequently and uncontrollable yawning.

Trouble remembering the last few miles driven; missing exits or sign posts.

Trouble keeping your head up.

Immediate solution after realizing the above signs.

In case one or two of the above signs show up please kindly stop the car immediately. Get out of the car, stretch or have refreshments to boost your brains and let your blood flow

Secondly, you decide to park the car in a safe place and take a nap such you save yourself from getting a terrible accident.

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