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Taking Care Of An Automatic Car In Rwanda

Taking care of an automatic car in Rwanda

Avoid keeping the fuel tank low. 

Draining your car fuel tank doesn’t matter on only automatic transmission cars but rather all cars. However, the effect is more felt on automatic cars.  The drained fuel tank prevents the car from getting the proper lubrication it needs to run properly, therefore a generous amount of fuel is always required. At least a quarter tank and above for proper usage of the car.

Don’t shift to parking mode when still moving. 

Shifting to the Park mode will cause a locking pin to be inserted into a gear attached to the output shaft of the gearbox which majority of the drivers ignore. When driving automatic cars, patience is highly needed. All our car hire clients should note that the car may stop since the wheels are also connected to the same shaft. If this is not put in to consideration, the gearbox will be affected. This is vital in Taking care of an automatic car in Rwanda.

Avoid Shifting Gears when the Car Is speeding (racing)

Automatic cars are not like manual transmission where you can shift gears anytime you need to. As a traveler on a self drive in Rwanda, prevent inducing strain on your transmission which could further result to more serious problems. Therefore, fully stop the car before shifting gears because when the transmission components change direction drastically they damage the gearbox.  All travelers are advised to shift gears of the automatic car.

Shifting to neutral at the traffic lights (during red lights)

Stopping at the lights or traffic for a couple of seconds put the car in Neutral, however much you trying to save fuel. But actually, if it’s not done, it costs a lot in the long run. Shifting to neutral at the traffic lights prevents wearing out the drive shaft fast which would lead to expensive repairs.

Warming up the Engine before starting up driving.

Drivers forget this technique when they are in a hurry which is totally not healthy for an automatic transmission. Always allow your car engine to warm up for a good few minutes before you shift to drive and lead your car into motion. This is especially a blunder when the weather is so cold because the oil is thick and moves slowly. Drivers who ignore this and leads to serious friction within the engine components.

Don’t keep the car in neutral mode while sloping.

In the name of saving fuel, some drivers slide the transmission in neutral mode on a sloppy road which is a bad practice that only cut off the oil supply thus it doesn’t get enough lubrication to smoothly operate. Therefore in the longtime process, it greatly wears and tires the transmission system.

Avoid revving-up the engine before you switch gears.

Revving up the engine causes a lot of friction between the car’s internal parts, and can cause a lot of damage to the transmission.
Prevention is one of the most important keys to keeping your automatic transmission in good shape. It only takes some effort and strong commitment on your part, but you’ll definitely reap the rewards later on. Contact us to know more about Taking care of an automatic car in Rwanda.

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