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Rwanda Car Rental Tips

The Rwanda Car Rental Tips – How to Avoid Being Cheated

Looking forward to renting a car on your next Rwanda safari here are some of the Rwanda Car Rental Tips to avoid being cheated.

Before you book

  • Look for the best possible deal as you look through online car hire companies in Rwanda to check who has the best prices to offer for the best car. It is also great to book ahead as this puts you in a position to get a discount from the car hire company.
  • Check the insurance policy. There are a lot of uncertainties that come along with traveling and also driving in a foreign country like Rwanda. Since you are new to everything, this makes you prone to accidents or unforeseen calamities. It is best to look for a car hire company that makes you less liable to the damages that may happen to the rental and the third parties while driving. So pick a car hire company with comprehensive insurance for the rental car.
  • The cost of extra facilities like baby seats, GPS and extra drivers are different across all online car hire companies so look for the company that is more favorable with the extra facilities.
  • Get to know more of the driving rules and regulations in Rwanda through car hire agents
  • Ensure that you have enough money on your electronic card to be capable of paying a huge deposit in case one comes around.

At the car hire desk

  • Make sure that you use the names that are indicated on your travel document or identity card while making payment of the car hire expenses to avoid confusion.
  • Ensure that you are given a receipt upon making payment for the car hire services. This acts as proof that you paid for your car hire bills.
  • As soon as the car rental agreement is forwarded to you, read it carefully and ask for clarity in case you have not understood some terms. This helps you not to violate the agreement as you know the rules to follow while using the rental car.

Before you drive away

  • Get familiar with the car as you get to know the transmission gears it uses and the type of fuel it consumes before setting off for your journey. This helps you not to get stuck on the way and also minimizes the risks of accidents.
  • Check the car thoroughly before starting your journey both the physical and mechanical conditions. It is also good to take photos of the car. This helps to avoid misunderstandings between you and the company regarding who to apportion the blame for the scratches and dents on the car when you get back from your trip.

When you return the car

  • Ensure you return the car with fuel that was in when it was delivered to you. This prevents you from paying a premium fine for the fuel refill violation term.
  • Ensure that you return the car in the time proposed as you may be told to pay extra charges for the extra time used.
  • Ensure that you return the car clean and also check the condition of the car before flying out of the country so that the car provider does not complain to you later that you damaged his car.

Contact us for more Rwanda Car Rental Tips to help you plan your car hire in Rwanda better.

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