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Tips For Renting A 4x4 Safari Van In Rwanda

Tips for Renting a 4×4 safari van in Rwanda

The best way to explore the beautiful places of Rwanda to enjoy its undulating forest hills filled with gorillas, chimpanzees, birds and other mammals is by travelling with family. The only type of vehicle to hire for a family vacation is a 4×4 safari van. Renting a 4×4 safari van is a great idea due to its seat capacity. The safari van has 9 passenger seats, making it an ideal rental vehicle for a family safari holiday in Rwanda. Here are the best Tips for Renting a 4×4 safari van in Rwanda.

With no doubt, you will find a safari van to hire in Rwanda because of the overwhelming number of car rental companies.

Though, it is not a stroll in the park to find the rental operator that will hire you safari van services that will perfectly fit your budget and travel needs. Here are some of the tips that would make you get close to renting an ideal 4×4 safari van in Rwanda.

Ensure that the rental provider is legally registered. Rwanda is very strict on its laws. They don’t tolerate shadiness.  All the culprits and perpetrators of illegal deeds are answerable once caught. Therefore, make sure that you hire a 4×4 safari van with all vehicle licenses and the company must be legally registered to provide Rwanda car rental services.

The safari van must have car accessories like a spare tyre, wheel spanner, jack and 24-hour road assistance.  The aforementioned accessories are needful to aid you back on the road and enjoy your family trip in case of a flat tyre or car breakdown. Request for a GPS with updated maps of Rwanda to help you locate most of the places you wish to visit on the Rwanda self drive safari.

The safari van must have comprehensive insurance cover. The comprehensive insurance must consist of collision damage waiver, car theft and third party. You should read through the terms and conditions especially the insurance clause to ascertain whether it favours you as a hirer. It must protect you from most of the liabilities likely to be faced in case of a car accident.

The process of renting the 4×4 safari van must be clear and easy to fathom. It should not have so much red tape that could be so confusing to you as a hirer. Let the rental operator inform you the nitty-gritty of booking a safari van, for example; the requirements, expenses, what to do in case of any unforeseeable problem and the pickup and drop off terms

Remember to choose a van that suits your needs. The types of vans normally hired out by Rwanda car rentals are Toyota super custom, old model Toyota Hiace and Toyota Hiace drone.  Seek advice from the rental provider on the best van to hire for your travel needs and purpose.

The above tips are essential and should seriously be taken when hiring a van for your family vacation in Rwanda. In a foreign land like Rwanda, a traveller is better off secure and safe than sorry or inconvenienced.

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