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Tips For Self Driving In Rwanda

Tips for Self Driving in Rwanda

Rwanda is some area laid out to be explored on a self drive trip whether you are an experienced or a first-time traveller. It is small in size and also has a good road network that makes it easy to access all its national parks and other destinations on a self drive tour. These Tips for Self Driving in Rwanda will help you to plan your self drive experience better in Rwanda.

Self drive in Rwanda has been embraced by numerous tourists and rave reviews have been aired out after engaging in the experience. It has now become a household experience in Rwanda’s tours and travel industry. It is some experience travellers are relishing for nowadays.

Nonetheless, there are certain things a visitor must do right to have an exciting and incredible Rwanda self drive experience. Below are some of the tips for self driving in Rwanda.

Get familiar with the vehicle

When the vehicle is delivered to you, request the rental personnel to teach you how the car system operates, for instance, the gear system, the lighting systems, wipers, engine, air condition, music and the fuel type and consumption. This will make you get acquainted with the vehicle thus driving it with confidence and cautiousness.

Ensure that the vehicle is at full tank

Road trips in Rwanda require driving long distances of about 80 kilometres and more. The travellers are advised to keep the vehicle at the full tank so that they don’t run out of fuel in the middle of the journey. It would render inconveniences especially when the tank gets empty in a remote area where there are no refilling stations nearby.

Plan for the Journey

Draft an itinerary for the self drive trip in Rwanda. Plan the time to start the journey and when to reach there and when to visit particular tourist places you wish to explore.  A well-crafted itinerary enables you to fully enjoy the different tourism destinations in Rwanda at your own pace and terms.

Follow the driving rules in Rwanda

Rwanda is very stringent to its laws when broken a premium fine or jail time awaits.

Self drive tourists are advised to heed every road and traffic rule to the dot so that they don’t get on the wrong side of the law. Police patrol or individuals are always loitering on the roads of Rwanda to curb down offenders. Some of the road laws to adhere to include the speed limit, overtaking, reckless driving and drunk driving.

Take breaks while driving

Rwanda self driving trips involve long-distance travel of over 100 kilometres plus. Travellers are advised to take sporadic breaks to stretch their bodies and refresh their minds so that they don’t wear out. Sleep driving is one of the main causes of accidents worldwide, taking breaks while driving prevents it.

Pack dry foods and enough drinking

Since tourists spend so much time on the road, they are advised to have edibles and drinks to take whenever hunger and thirst kick in. Dry foods like crisps, pickles, groundnuts, biscuits and drinks like water, fizzy drinks and juice must be packed for a self drive Rwanda.

Don’t drive at night

Avoid drinking at night. Like any third world country, most of the roads in Rwanda especially those in the remote area where the national parks are found have no lights. It is difficult to drive in the dark particularly when you are a foreigner. In the night is when you encounter reckless drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The night is the peak time for road demises like accidents and highway robbery.

Greet the Locals

Greeting is one of the most treasured norms in Africa. People are welcoming and friendly. When you greet them, you become an instant friend or family. Being friendly is recommended while travelling because it is very easy to get help from the locals in case of any issue.

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