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Tips Of Having An Affordable Rwanda Self Drive Experience

Tips of having an affordable Rwanda self drive experience

Nestled in the east of Africa, Rwanda is one of the places to explore on a self drive safari. It is a country with lots of tourist attractions hidden in its highlands. Some of the places to visit on a Rwanda self drive experience are volcanoes national park- the home to the endangered mountain gorillas, Akagera National Park – the big five destination, Nyungwe forest- the capital of small primates and Kigali where culture meets modernity. Here are Tips of having an affordable Rwanda self drive experience.

Exploring all those aforementioned destinations on self drive does not come cheap unless you conjure some tricks to cut down the cost of the travel expenses involved. In this article, we bring to you some of the Tips of having an affordable Rwanda self drive experience.

Book with an online rental operator

The perfect platform to find rental operators with competitive or affordable rates is the internet. On the web, there are a chain of rental companies competing for clients and one way of cutting a deal is by offering a lower price than their counterparts. This works in favour of travellers who end up getting Rwanda self drive car rental services at an affordable price.

Rent a Budget Car rental

Car rental companies have a fleet of cars to hire but all have different rates and fuel consumption which are a part of the expenses incurred on a Rwanda self drive trip. Travellers are advised to hire rental vehicles like a Toyota rav4 or land cruiser Prado tx which have a low fuel consumption rate and price tag compared to the big SUVs like the Toyota land cruiser V8, GX and hardtop.

Go for a Rwanda self drive in the low travel season

Rwanda has two contrasting travelling periods, the peak and low seasons. The peak season takes place from June through October and December and the low season happens from March through May. In the low season, there is a low turn up of tourists at the different destinations in Rwanda and this brings low demands of travel auxiliary services like car rental services and accommodation. Due to the low demand, travel service operators like car rental and accommodation tend to lower their prices to attract the few customers in the park. Travellers are advised to advantage of the low travel season period to have a relatively affordable Rwanda self drive experience.

Go for camping

Instead of staying in established lodges or hotels, go camping to enjoy the wilderness of Rwanda as you also save some money on your self drive trip. You can either go for a pitch/dome tent or rooftop tent, the car rental operators hire both types of tents with other camping gear. There are also campsites where you can station your tent and enjoy the night at an affordable rate.

Engage in less costly activities

Although gorilla trekking is the most sought after and exciting activity in Rwanda, go for other activities like game viewing, nature walks, city tours, boat tours and historical and cultural tours which are cheaper.

Enjoy local foods

While on a Rwanda self drive experience, dine in local restaurants and order local foods. These meals are not only delicious and organic but also more affordable than those in swanky restaurants.

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