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Tips to Save Money on Rwanda Car Hire Services

Renting a car in Rwanda makes travel easy and comfortable. Whether touring with your family or need a vehicle for a sole self-drive safari or just need it for an airport transfer, it will save you a lot of inconveniences and problems. Though, you need to find the ideal car hire company to get quality services and have a remarkable and purposeful trip. It is easier said than done, bearing in mind the number of car rental services that engage in this venture and the array of services they provide. You can never know which one is the best for your travel. Learn these Tips to Save Money on Rwanda Car Hire Services.

Define what you need

Do you wish to hire a budget rental car or do you have a luxury one in mind? Do you like to self drive or rent a car with a driver? When you stipulate what you want then start looking for a rental company to book with.

Browse travel sites

The best way to get an affordable car rental package is by searching popular travel sites such as trip advisor,, and kayak. Different rental operators cooperate with these platforms to market their services at competitive rates. On the travel sites, you will be able to contact several rental agencies at ago.

Compare the car rentals

As you visit the various websites of different rental agencies, check their prices, the incentives, and the type of cars provided to the clients. It might take some time but worth it because you are most likely to land on the best deal of your life.

Save money through coupon codes

Some car rental companies in Rwanda run promotions through coupon codes, try them out, you never know you might be the lucky one and get an unbeatable car hire deal. The codes are in form of numbers if you select the right numbers you may unlock a discount price at a certain rate. For instance, a Toyota land cruiser is usually hired at 75$ per day through the coupon codes, you might get it at 60$ per day.

Type of Vehicle to rent

When renting a car in Rwanda, you should consider easiness and comfort.  Modern vehicles are easier and more comfortable to drive than the old models. It is better to spend 10$ more to have some bit of convenience on your trip.

Try to haggle

When renting a car for a long time to visit the various tourist sites in Rwanda, you need to negotiate with the rental operator about the rates of the vehicle. There is always a reserved price for the car other than the website one. We can assure you that 90% of the clients that ask for a discount on their rental package are rendered one.

Make sure that the services are genuine

Rwanda has some scammers who pretend to provide car rental services yet they want to swindle money. You need to be careful. Ensure to pay through the bank account of the rental provider or make payment of cash upon handing over the vehicle to you.

Hiring a car in Rwanda is simple if you get the critical information. Make research through the internet, and ask family and friends who have travelled to the country before. Reach out to us for more Tips to Save Money on Rwanda Car Hire Services.

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