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Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser for hire in Kigali

Rent the Toyota Land Cruiser for hire in Kigali at affordable prices with Kigali Car Rentals. Our car rental fleet that consists of the latest Landcruiser models still remains unmatched in Kigali. Hire a Self drive Toyota Landcruiser and enjoy the luxury feel for a low cost. Below are some of the most common Land cruisers in our Fleet.

Toyota Land Cruiser for hire in Kigali -V8

Toyota Land Cruiser for hire in KigaliUnlike the other Land Cruiser models, the V8 has an extraordinary eye-catching exterior with a extend front view that makes it stand out from the others. The comfortable interior with royal-like seats, air-conditioner and entertainment system will ensure the bride, groom and escorting convoy have a smooth relaxing transportation to and from the church and reception. Add colour to your wedding day with one of V8 Land cruisers, whether you want a black, white or silver type, we got them all at affordable rates that suit your budget as well as style and personal needs.

8 Seater Safari Land Cruiser: Toyota Land cruiser for hire in Kigali

The 8 seater Toyota Land cruiser is a customized vehicle meant for Safari in rough terrain. It has got a four wheel drive (4×4) and very powerful engine.

Also prefered for Game drives to Akagera National Game park and preferred for its space. It seats 9 Packs including the driver and has got enough laguage space for those going on a camping trip.

Toyota Land Cruiser for hire in Kigali

The Custom made Land cruiser is available for those looking to rent a Self drive in Rwanda or hired with a chauffeur.


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