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Toyota RAV4

The Toyota Rav4 (Recreational Active Vehicle -4 Wheel drive) is a compact SUV (sport utility vehicle ) manufactured by Toyota ; Japan’s leading automobile company. It was designed for people who want a vehicle that can operate as an SUV i.e. a car with large cargo compartment, economizes fuel, operates on four wheel and easy steering. This Rav4 is suitable for self drive safaris, family trips, city tours, picnics as well parties.

The Toyota Rav 4  is one of the most popular for the best car experience. It is a small 4×4 car very suitable for long distance travel within Rwanda. If you are intending to visit the National Parks with a rental car for game drives and other Rwanda safaris, then the Toyota Rav4 is the most appropriate rental car for you. This Toyota Rav4 is suitable for 2 to 4 pax, its automatic transmission, enough space for luggage and camping equipment and above its comprehensively insured.

Rwanda car hire
Rwanda Car hire

If you plan to rent a car in Rwanda for self-drive or guided trip as a couple or group of 4, then we recommend The Toyota Rav4 as it is economically affordable on fuel and can accommodate up to 5 people, The Rav4 is very comfortable and has air conditioner adequate legroom and room for cargo in the trunk. If you want to hire a car for self-drive in Rwanda, camping trips, business tours in the city as well as family picnics and weekend getaways, the Toyota Rav4 is the car you are looking for. Kigali car rentals now have good car hire deals starting at only US$ 60 per day without a driver & US$80 per day with a driver. Both rates exclude fuel but include comprehensive insurance.

Rwanda Car hire
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Toyota Rav4 2014 Model
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