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Try avoiding hidden charges on Car Hire Rwanda

Try avoiding hidden charges on Car Hire Rwanda: After looking at the rates and ask yourself “have I really rented or purchased the vehicle?” Well, that’s what’s happening with most consumers who rent a car for self-drive. Unlike airfares, where taxes and fees are mentioned upfront, Car Hire Rwanda can bury the extra costs in the fine print. Therefore, this may end up causing you actually pay more than what you had been quoted earlier. So, ensure that you are aware of hidden charges levied by that specific rental company and how to avoid them!

People actually choose rental cars for self drive tours in Rwanda, when they are transferring from the airport to their destinations (Kigali airport transfers)sometimes knowing that their rental package would include taxes or fuel charges as well. But sometimes, the payment obligation may not be over. There may be other, less visible, and add-on fee charges that can drastically increase the overall amount you will have to shed. Some of these charges include authorization hold, insurance charges for damages, toll booth fees, extra driver, and early return fees.

Reducing these worrying and hidden charges when you rent a car is quite easy, especially if you clear the terms beforehand, for instance, making sure that you opt for a car rental company that has a singular charge for its cars. A company that claims ‘No Hidden Charges’ on its range of services will not burn a hole in your pocket and make suffer unexpected and planned financial consequences.

When choosing between a fleet of cars to use especially for business conferences or for family vacations especially in Kigali, prefer a vehicle that corresponds with the weight of your pocket. This price charged is actually VAT inclusive at 12.5 percent accordingly before selecting a vehicle. Always prefer 4×4 car rental Rwanda that actually include fuel prices in their tariff. Such cars are meant to be so reliable since they can be provided within limited kilometers and fuel capacity can actually go to the prescribed time.

It is recommended that before you take up any deal with any car hire or rental, first ask a company representative personally about any other apparent charges, such as early return fees or vehicle licensing fees. Ensure that you also enquire about car comprehensive insurance and third-party insurance policies to avoid paying thousands of francs in damages.

Renting a car without requesting security deposits is kind of dangerous however any reliable Car Hire Rwanda company will actually refund it fully once the vehicle is returned in good condition. However, some companies in Rwanda especially in Kigali may actually deduct a particular portion of the amount before return hence helping you to ascertain whether there are hidden charges involved in charges hence enabling you to calculate an overall estimate of rental charges for self-drive.

The above tips are so simple and try to follow and implement them next time when you are to rent a car from any car rental in Rwanda. This actually will ensure a free and comfortable self-drive experience without going above your expected expenditure.

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