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Hiring A Car In Rwanda

What are the Etiquettes for Hiring a Car in Rwanda?

To visit and explore Rwanda comprehensively, hiring a car in Rwanda is a great way. Car hire is the ideal option for exceptional travel expeditions such as self drive safaris, business conferences, weekend gateway, guided safaris, airport transfers, visiting family and friends, and wedding ceremonies.

Car rental is a representation of convenient and safe travel. It provides a grand experience to people exploring the different tourist sites in Rwanda. It is important to book your Rwanda car hire through a well-established company that has been in the transport business for years.  To get a purposeful and exciting travel experience out of your Rwanda car hire, you need to exercise proper etiquette and some of them are as below:


You are required to acknowledge and respect your driver and look after the rental vehicle you travel by. Undeniably, rental cars are costly automobiles, and rental companies put in a shift to ensure that they remain in a very driveable condition and good appearance.

Car occupancy:

Some rentals have particular seating occupancy, don’t overpack it, the passenger restrictions should be respected by ensuring that you hire a car that perfectly accommodates the number of travellers. It will guarantee you a comfortable and safe travel experience. In most cases, the maximum seating capacity of the vehicle is dictated by the traffic laws of Rwanda.

Heed to the Traffic Laws:

When visiting Rwanda, always heed the traffic laws of the country. The laws in Rwanda are contrary to the ones in your home country, ensure to seek advice from your rental operators to brief you about them. For example, the driving age in Rwanda is 21 years, driving is done on the right side of the road, and the speed limit is 40km/hr. in towns and 60km/hr. on highways.

Personal Awareness:

Your belongings are your personal responsibility. It is recommendable not to travel with treasurable items since you may forget them in the vehicle or lose them in the lodge. Therefore, do not leave your valuables inside the car when parking it. The car rental company is not liable for the lost belonging whatsoever.

Ethics for Tipping:

In case you hire a car with a driver in Rwanda and he provides a delightful, prolific, and satisfying travel experience to you, you should appreciate him tangibly. Driver guides are always hospitable and supportive to the tourists. Their work is to make sure that your experience is made as productive and purposeful as possible. They should ardently be acknowledged for their good job.

The amount of the tip should at the discretion of the client. Most tourists averagely offer 10$ per day to the driver guides. The token is given to the chauffeur at the end of the trip.

You are assured of having a remarkable car rental experience in Rwanda if you adhere to the above-explained etiquette. Hiring a Car in Rwanda is a great way to explore this beautiful country.

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