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Why Hire a Car From Kigali Car Rentals.

Take advantage of our Rent a Car Rwanda experience. We are known as the best car rental company in Rwanda. our tripadvisor reviews as well as reviews from other sources can reliably confirm that we are a reliable hire a car Rwanda company. We have the best fleet of cars which include 4×4 Toyota landcruiser, 4×4 Toyota super custom, 4X4 Toyota V8 ,4X4 Toyota Rav 4, 4×4 Toyota fortuner and other luxurious brands such as Range rover sport, Benz, Lexus models.

As regards to service delivery, we have always been good at service delivery: our reservation managers are always standby to listen and read or talk about your booking plans with our company. And even after hiring the car from us, you can always consult our reservation managers until the end of Rent a Car Rwanda experience. We speak good English and therefore, you can always talk to us.

Our drivers are so good and they are one of the reasons why we are still leading the hire a car Rwanda industry in Rwanda. Our drivers knows so many destinations within Rwanda and whenever you want to go, we believe that you are always travel in comfort.

We have excellent terms and conditions.

Before you start your Rent a Car Rwanda experience, you always have to communicate to our staff such that you sign an agreement with us. Under the agreement, we always indicate the name of the person hiring the car, duration of the car hire, start date of the car hire and other details however all these details can be fully discussed with our staff. Our terms and conditions are fair enough however the only term and condition that never changes to those that hire cars on a self drive Rwanda option is that you must have a valid driving permit. That is a constant condition and although other are flexible.

There are several reasons why you need to rent a car in Rwanda and I have listed some of them here:Rent a Car Rwanda

  1. Hiring a car for a Kigali city tour
  2. You can a car to travel to different tourism destinations in Rwanda.
  3. You can hire a car for business purposes in Rwanda.
  4. You can hire a car just to have a weekend drive across the city.
  5. Kigali airport pickup and transfers is another reason why you may need to get a car.

Choose Kigali Car Rentals for your experience.

Contact us for more information if you are wondering why Hire a Car From Kigali Car Rentals.

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